Swimming Pool

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Never spend your Bitcoin Instead Issue stables against it!

Fully onchain permissionless stablecoin protocol is here. Use Swimming Pool to collateralize your BTC, ETH and other crypto assets. Mint multi-chain algorithmic stables.
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What awaits you at the Pool?

  • Network

    Single crypto asset-collateralised borrowing Pools that create their own USD denominated stablecoins, i.e. BTC creates btcUSD.

  • Coin

    Spend your crypto-backed stablecoins or add them to a global liquidity Pool to generate global stablecoins, i.e. lock btcUSD to issue metaUSD.

  • Warning

    Minted metaUSD are there to manage crypto assets’ differing, yet high, specific risk and high correlations.

  • Soda

    Better risk management equals peace of mind, equals more time at the pool, with a refreshing drink in hand.

What makes our Pool better than others?

  • Coin

    The crypto assets’ risk is priced per single asset, with the portfolio effects resolved by the market through the component of single asset stablecoins and the overall composition.

  • Image

    The native $SWM token is used to vote-stake for asset pools which determines the weightings of the respective asset stablecoins in the Pool.

  • Image

    Net transaction fees generated from the Pool accrue to the token holders.

  • Image

    The fee rate for the Pool is dynamic based on the volatility and composition of the basket at that time.

Join us at the pool
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